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Where to buy oysters. Take them with you or have them shipped.

Festivals And Events

Home of the Virginia’s Official State Oyster Festival More than 12 Oyster Events to choose from.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Heritage Tours

Authentic watermen will take you out on a boat tour to experience hands-on oyster and crab harvesting.


Waterfront restaurants, fine dining, eclectic eateries, down home cooking: something to tempt everyone's taste.


From a 4 star resort to first class camping. We're ready for your stay!

Trip Itineries

Recommended 2-3 night staycations or single day getaways

Helping The Enviroment

We care about nature! Oyster reefs cleaning the water and shell recycling.

Oyster Academy

Learn about oysters, experience an eco-tour with a waterman and watch a culinary demonstration and taste it for yourself


Taste these wonderful oysters and pair it with your favorite wine, microbrew or, liqueur.


The long heritage of the local waterman. The rise and fall of the bivalve mollusk. Check out our Oyster Museum!!!

Oyster Art & Shopping

Boutiques that carry unique coastal and oyster paraphernalia.

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